Enabling performance improvement

Focused on organizational performance

Xprtise is a consultancy focused on the analysis, design, and implementation of workplace learning solutions that deliver measureable performance improvement.

We start by targeting business outcomes, and through a structured methodology identify and prioritize the skills and knowledge needed to achieve those outcomes. We work across the learning spectrum with an approach that pinpoints the right solution for the right need, in the right context, in the workflow.

Our approach is always “methodology first” – leading by analyzing and prioritizing the critical needs and meeting those needs with the appropriate solutions. The solution isn’t always a course, or a product, or a platform.







Our approach

Rigorous needs analysis

Proper needs analysis is everything. We start by identifying business objectives, and breaking them down into skills, content and knowledge requirements. We then prioritize and plan to address those needs

Learning and support where and when it’s needed

We always look to enable learning in the workflow, outside of the classroom. The closer the learning is to the moment where the knowledge is applied, the better. Keep the classroom, but let it be more experiential.

Focus on application and impact

We always look to leverage on-the-job learning, where work is done and where impact is realized. It’s at this moment where we can also most accurately measure results.

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