Enabling performance at the moment of need

Modernize your learning to focus on performance

Xprtise consultants focus on the analysis, design, and implementation of workplace learning solutions that deliver measureable performance improvement for your most important business challenges.

Our approach starts with rigorous analysis
of your business challenges to ensure
we target the right outcomes.

We then bring the right suite of technologies to the table to address, influence
and measure those outcomes.


Learning Strategy

Our consultants work with your learning and business professionals to analyze and prioritize the specific knowledge, skills and abilities required for your employees to excel. We then deliver a comprehensive plan that identifies the right mix of strategies and technologies needed.



Adaptive Learning

Our adaptive learning technology uses the individual’s knowledge and performance to deliver the personalized content they need to achieve mastery. This approach utilizes smart repetition of content over time, delivered over most any device, to ensure that knowledge gains are permanent.



Performance Support

Our approach to performance support ensures the employees always have the support they need at the moment they need it. Once designed and deployed in the workflow, our solutions provide the right context and content for employees to quickly find relevant support and apply it on the job.


Our approach to supporting time-starved employees delivers learning and support where and when it’s needed – in the workflow, on the job – so they can apply and execute at the moment of need, becoming more efficient, productive, knowledgeable in less time.

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Problems we have addressed

Compliance and Risk

Workplace safety

Operational excellence

Product knowledge

Critical functional knowledge

Customer service

Industries we have served

Financial Services


Manufacturing and Supply Chain




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